Pawan Kalyan’s Views on Teachers and Education System

As a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers 5th of September is celebrated as the ‘Teachers Day’ in India. September 5 is the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, then teacher and President of India.

A few days prior to the Teachers’ Day, the Janasena chief Power Star Pawankalyan expressed his perception on teachers and education system in an interview. His views are appealing and thought provoking. Pawankalyan said teachers should be the highest paid employees than other employees. He hoped their salaries and other emoluments should be higher than others. He further opined that in-service training to teachers at regular intervals raises the standards of education.

Pawankalyan, however, expressed his anguish that the governments have been ignoring to increase the standards in government schools over the ages. He felt that the government schools should challenge corporate schools in quality of education and the best infrastructure available in them. He is of the opinion that there would be a drastic change in society ensuring the raise in creative skills among the students. He observed that the politicians did pay blind eye on government schools because if the students get educated well in schools they would form a threat to the corrupt politicians.

Finally, Pawankalyan assured that Janasena would allocate maximum funds for education than to the other sectors and would raise the standards in government schools. In the countries like Switzerland and in many other developed countries, teachers are respected to such an extent even the presidents and IAS officers bow to them. Interestingly, Pawankalyan’s views on teachers remind the status of teachers in those countries. Let’s hope our country will awake such a sort of enlightenment.


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