Star Director Affair With Aunty’s

He is a Star Director  with notable hits to credit and known as trendsetter for certain kind of films which he alone can dare to make. Though his atypical storytelling and film making style has won hearts of audience but his natural desire to have dirty fun with aunties seems to be landing him in odd situation as his entire team has now got to know about their boss weakness.

Yes, things are said to be getting pretty complicated for this director ever since he met a hot TV anchor. They are spending lot of quality time together despite a fact that both of them are married and have their own families. Now-a-days, he is also seen comparing the luscious anchor with goddess.

In fact, our director is also served a police maalish in his early career stages when scratched a senior aunty while on sets. Luckily, media was uninformed about this and he grew in prestige later on. Though he is shied to talk before media, he is a Chupa Rustom in dealing behind the doors. Never late than ever, it’s time for our Star Director to control hormones before his aunt madness takes a toll on his respectful image.

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